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1/_ Song Minguk being adorable

The Genius 3 Players


Kang Yongseok (Lawyer)


  • Pay attention to his poker face and skilled plays developed through countless controversies and years of experience!
  • A politician turned TV star! A hot potato with many haters and fans!
  • School district 8, Seoul University, Harvard Law School! A lawyer who took the elite course. The elite of elites!

Kim Junghoon (Actor)


  • 146 IQ and ranked 67th in the nation as a student! His hobby is solving maths problems! The most requested player by “The Genius” viewers!
  • A singer turned pretty boy actor! The original umchinah has returned as a genius!
  • Asia’s prince who won a quiz show on Japan’s Fuji TV 2 years in a row!

Ha Yeonjoo (Actress)


  • Possesses both intellect and beauty with 156 IQ!
  • The beauty with a thousand faces makes her first variety appearance! A true jack of all trades!
  • A devilish player who captures men’s hearts with her lively personality!

Jang Dongmin (Comedian)


  • An unpredictable player who competes with unexpected ad-libs and boldness!
  • The adaptability and sense of a 10 year comedian. Recently risen as a variety show success story!
  • Level 100 wits, level 200 sense! A player with the intuition and strategy to outdo the winner of “The Genius : Rule Breaker”.

Nam Hweejong (Maths lecturer)


  • 173 IQ with skills and charismatic looks. The eloquent top online maths lecturer!
  • Returned to redeem himself. Forget “The Genius : Rule Breaker”! His surefire survival tactics will overcome the 1st round!
  • An overwhelming presence that pressures the other players! The most feared player and a strong favorite to win season 3!

Shin Ahyoung (Sports announcer)


  • Rewriting the history of umchinddals! The daughter of the Financial Services Commission’s chairman, a Harvard graduate and the sports announcer goddess!
  • English, German, Spanish, etc. Fluent in 4 languages and an endless positivity that draws people in!
  • A charming player that chases after a dramatic finish!

Lee Jongbeom (Webtoon writer)


  • The writer of the web toon “Dr. Frost” which will be made into a drama on OCN!
  • A logical persuasiveness based on quick game sense! A high level player that moves the hearts of other players!
  • The comforting voice of a radio DJ and his psychological knowledge allow him to read others from a few words!

Yoo Sujin (Financial planner)


  • The financial planner of VVIPs that relies on thorough data analysis to map out their futures!
  • "The Genius : Black Garnet“‘s official big sister with a tough and gentle side!
  • The most requested investment lecturer from countless corporations and schools! Leadership that encompasses every player!

Kwon Juri (Miss Kangwon and Dealer)


  • Quick hands and accurate calculations. A Kangwon Land dealer who doesn’t lose her cool under any situation!
  • Bold plays and an extraordinary competitive spirit hidden behind slender looks!
  • The master of games that reads the minds of gamblers!

Kim Kyunghoon (Seoul University graduate student)


  • Selected out of 3,000 applicants for the open casting call. From Minjok Leadership Academy to Seoul University! The king of specs!
  • A devilish player that plunges players into chaos with his unexpected goofiness!
  • Handsome looks and a sociability without limits.

Kim Yoohyun (Pro poker player)


  • Selected out of 3,000 applicants for the open casting call. A pro poker player that enjoys high level psychological battles!
  • Ranked 3rd in Manila’s Texas Hold ‘Em tournament on September 2012! An English lecturer that is as fluent as a native!
  • Aiming for the win with the pride of a pro poker player on the line!
  • A strong favorite that suggests the best strategy with logical thinking!

Oh Hyunmin (KAIST student)


  • Cute looks and an extraordinary mind! “The Genius“‘s youngest ever player!
  • Dominates the games with a boldness beyond his years and quick judgement!
  • Looks that surpass those of idols and sparkling eyes. A pretty boy comes to restore KAIST’s honor!
  • Disarms female players with cute looks!

Choi Yeonseung (Oriental doctor)


  • Gangnam’s representative oriental clinic director and responsible for the visuals of “The Genius : Black Garnet”!
  • A unique familiarity that lowers the guard of other players and a positivity that shines in dangerous moments!
  • A brilliant mind in the top 0.03% of the 2003 SATs! Selected out of 3,000 applicants for “The Genius : Black Garnet“‘s open casting call!

Italy + Water (x)


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Get To Know Me Meme: [3/5] Favourite TV Shows » Teen Wolf

What if it just gets worse. What if it’s agony now and then… then it’s just hell later on?

“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”
- Roald Dahl

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